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What's Next? Podcast

Nov 10, 2018

What's Next Washington's Host, Sue Mason, interviews Jason J. Clark. Jason is a Father, partner, mentor, and previously incarcerated leader working to build bridges between communities and systems in King County. Professionally as an Equity and Justice Advocate for King County Superior Court he is laser-focused on juvenile justice reform.

Mr. Clark is recognized locally for implementing community-based alternatives to incarceration, leading our local King County Credible Messenger Initiative (KCCMI) consortium building. Jason provides training and resources to King County Superior Court staff and Judicial Officers to equip our local justice system’s equity lens and procedural justice processes. 


Zero Youth Detention Blog:

King County Blog:

King County Credible Messenger Initiative  Facebook: 


Washington D.C. Radio One Blog: What's the Deal???, Dismantling the School to prison Pipeline.


Produced and edited by ZipBangWow! Productions - Jonnie Wilder

Song credit Marker Beacon. Song “Free".  

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